Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I think I might be missing a piece!

Just kidding.... all the Pyrex made it to the new house in one piece!  Now I just need to find them all their own little places around the house. 
The move-in is still going well... we are hard at work to make this house our home!  I can't wait to unpack the crafty room and find the Nikon so I can share some real pictures with you!!  I will be starting to go thrifting again soon and Tuesday treasures will be back!!! 

I know I said I would share pics from my birthday and I will..... when I find the two gifts I didn't get a picture of and photograph them! (ooops!)



  1. That's a fine Pyrex collection!

  2. very nice collection indeed. cant wait to see the new decor. :)