Monday, August 16, 2010

Reasons for my absence!

Well last week I spent most of my time preparing for my first craft show! It was crazy... craft stuff everywhere!  Then.... we are getting ready to close on a house! eeep! I am so excited and busy I love it.  We have boxes everywhere.... Pyrex is all packed up :(.... Crafty room is next to be packed.  So this means no Tuesday Treasures till we are all moved.  I am doing my best to take a break from thrifting because I don't want to pack anymore stuff!!! :)

I will have pics from the craft show up soon... oh and I also covered our Klobo love seat from Ikea.  I will post pics and a couple helpful hints to do it yourself!



  1. Hey girl! What craft fair are you doing and when is it? It would be cool to meet a fellow Elsie classmate! Good luck on the new house! Still in Ferndale or no? I'm off to visit my Bestie tomorrow in NYC :) Take care and I'll talk to you soon!