Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Make Your Own Felt Tulips

This is a quick, instant gratification kind of DIY. All you need is felt colors of your choice (at least 2), scissors, floral wire, a ruler and a hot glue gun. Now go gather your supplies so we can get started! 
1. Cut a 1/2" by 8" strip of felt. Roll it and glue to keep in place.
2. Cut 6 petals. Just free hand them... you can do it!
3. Glue the first 3, slightly overlapping. Then, glue the next 3 where the others overlapped.
4. Cut a squiggly center in your second color to cover the rolled base. Then, add a three petal piece at the center.
5. Fold your floral wire in half and hot glue it to the back and you've finished your first flower! Keep repeating the process until you can fill your favorite base.



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