Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Faux Leather Madewell Inspired Tote

Here are the results of Sewbon's leather tote DIY. I opted to use a leather-like vinyl instead of leather which makes this tote even more affordable! This bag comes together really easily, and it is the perfect size! Having the DIY version of the beautiful Madewell Transport Tote makes buying the original very appealing because I see how lovely the style is.
If you didn't already gather up supplies to make this bag, you definitely should! Who doesn't need another purse?



  1. Did your sewing machine struggle to get thru the heavy fabric? Or did you have any sliding issues? I was just wondering. I have never worked with a fabric like this but I would like to try it. I'm thinking I might need a leather needle too. Suggestions?

    1. my machine did fine with the material. I did use a leather needle and I am sure that helped. I used mini clothes pins to hold things in place as I sewed. I hope that helps!!

  2. I LOVE how this turned out!! Amazing!!

  3. It looks like the material is pretty sturdy and stand by itself like the Madewell bag, and unlike the floppy model from sewbon.