Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Plans

Yay, it's the weekend! This week felt so full of all the things and I am very ready for the weekend, even if we are a bit busy. Here is what I am hoping to do:

- Watch some not so scary movies.
- Pick out a crochet project to start from my new Simple Crochet book (I am so behind).
- Make these cute foxes from Paper Source and put them all over the house.
- Attempt to dye these amazing thrifted boots a darker brown. Any tips?

We also have a wedding this weekend and those are always a blast. I just hope my allergies will subside long enough to let me enjoy myself!

What are you plans this weekend?



  1. My plans? I'm incredibly behind all my projects and I have only too days to make some of them! I'm still waiting for your letter, I hope it will arrive tomorrow so I'll also write back on this weekend! Show us your crochet projects! I'm so in love with all crochet things!!