Monday, July 15, 2013

Thrifted: Lady Like

Anyone else in love with the longer hemlines? After thrifting my first maxi skirt, I am a believer! So much less to worry about, yet still light and breezy. I have already worn the floral 90's maxi(ish) dress twice and I just love it! The polka dot dress is a little more dressy than I thought and it might need a little restyling before I wear it. As for the teal skirt, it has pockets(!) and it fits wonderfully. I know it is more of a fall color, but maybe it can still be worn in the summer too. 

Summer is definitely setting in here in Michigan... finally a few days without rain! Now, to catch up on all the yard work that has been getting rained out. How has your summer been so far?



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