Monday, May 13, 2013

Thrifted: Shorts

Yep, I am going to attempt elastic waist shorts. Laugh if you must, but they're really comfy and I am thinking that if you pair them with a cute blouse you won't even be able to tell. To be honest, I didn't know the yellow tennis skirt was a pair of shorts until I was attempting to put it on the dress form and it wouldn't go... yea, I am really observant! Either way, I like it... a nice bright color for the summer.

I have had the blue khaki shorts for a while. Enjoying them is what made me more confident in thrifting other pairs of shorts. In general, I have a horrible time with shorts... they were always too short, too tight, or had improper rip placements (I would really rather you didn't see my underwear). As you can see, none of these shorts have any of those issues.... they may be a bit dorky, but that is one issue I'm totally okay with!



  1. I love that the tennis skirt is shorts underneath! Love that I just re-found your blog and I definitely need to get more comfortable with embracing my inner dork, wardrobe-wise :)