Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

Hello April, I am so glad to see you and your sunshine!

This month's goals are to...
1. Add new flowers to the shop.
2. Try 2 new recipes.
3. Launch the blog redesign.
4. Pin something and do it!

I actually did all the things on my March list! Lets hope I can do it again this month.

1. Update the shop. Done - There are pretty pastel colors and new polka dots in the shop!
2. Hem 2 things from my ever growing to-be-altered pile. Done - and it feels good to see that pile shrinking.
3. Do something outside of my comfort zone. Done - I actually did two things and it was really freeing.
4. Put paint to canvas. Done - It was not pretty (I definitely need to get reacquainted with the medium), but it was nice to do it again.

Did you make monthly goals? How did you do?


  1. I don't make monthly goals, sometimes I make week or daily goals but not very often.. I have too much work with school etc to make lists like this and then realize them :(

  2. I think goals are great. When you accomplish them you are so much happier.