Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello lovlies... The sun is shining and it is going to be in the 50s today! I thought I would share a few things I am currently obsessed with. First, I have a deep love for Cinnamon Stick tea... I have to drink it almost everyday.  I swear, it has the ability to make bad days better! Second, I think I might be late to the party on this one, but I finally gave in and tried Neosporin lip health and it is awesome! Michigan winters are rough on lips and now I feel like for the first time I have smooth lips. Third is the Mahogany Teakwood candle. Ladies... just buy the candle. It smells amazing (and kind of like a sexy man). Lastly, the three colors I want to buy everything in because spring is slowly starting, and I am having pastel fever! It happens every year and I don't mind at all.  

What are some of your favorite things?