Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simple Backpack Restyle

I have been seeing super cute lace backpacks like the ones below and I love them, but I am kinda cheap, and the price on some of them are just a little too steep for my liking. So, I figured I could make something just as cute, but at a lesser price. I found a backpack on Amazon that was a good price and the perfect size.  Then, I just added some lace scrap!
For $19.00 I got a cute lace backpack... much cheaper than $50.00. Even if it isn't exactly the same, I am happy with how it turned out!



  1. Lace makes everything better.

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  2. it looks really amazing with the lace, so delicate and romantic! I have to admit I would buy your backpack if I had to buy one :D i prefer bags, but this backpack is really really nice! you should show how did you attached the lace to the fabric :D

  3. oh, I have the same bag! I may have to try this myself :)