Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For the Love of Books

Jasper Jones: This book took a little while to hook me.  I still find books told from the male perspective odd. I have no idea why... it just always catches me by surprise. I ended up really enjoying this book and all of the characters. I loved the fighting over which superhero is better, Superman or Spiderman (arguing that Batman couldn't be a super hero because he had no real powers). This argument made me laugh, how realistic the back and forth was. This book is also packed with lessons. My favorite was "it is easier to condemn another man than right your own wrongs".

Life As We Knew It / This World We Live In: I enjoyed these two books in this series (books 1&3) I honestly could not get into book two so I gave up and went on to three (Gasp! I know). I love LOVED these books! I am usually not big into end of the world things, but these books made me think.  In the book a natural disaster hits (vague, I know) and forces the family to band together and learn to live on less.  The writer thought of things that I would have never even realized would change.  Seriously, read this series! I won't judge if you can't make through two either!  Oh, and of course there is a bit of a love story in there.

If you want you can follow along on my journey to read 100 books in 2013 here!


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