Thursday, December 6, 2012

For the Love of Books

Looking for Alaska: It was a quick read and intriguing story... slightly predictable, but worth the time.  The writing was very real... like you could remember going through similar situations when you were in high school. Overall I enjoyed it, but I liked The Fault In Our Stars better!

Gone Girl: I read Sharp Objects years ago, and really enjoyed his writing style.  I was super excited to get into this book.  This book was a little slow to start. To me, it didn't get really interesting until half way through (literally 50% on my Kindle).  I ended up really enjoying this book. The twists and turns were very well done.  If you have yet to read it, you definitely should... it is completely worth the boring first half!

The American Way of Eating: I love food books, and I really enjoyed how the author got behind the scenes and really lived the life in each industry.  I learned a lot about grocery store produce, and some mistakes I've encountered at Applebee's all make sense now!

Do you have any good book recommendations?


  1. I'm so happy you said gone girl was a slow start. I've hear rave reviews and I'm struggling to get thru the beginning. I'm glad its not just me. But now I'm encouraged to keep going. Thanks.