Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Goals

A few days late, but it is never too late to set goals!

1.  If we get snow, play in it.
2. Make Christmas cookies.
3. Watch at least one Christmas movie a week.
4. Keep up with our Advent/date calendar.
5. Make a winter themed wreath.

November Goals:

1. Make new Fall/Autumn decorations.  Check! You can see them here!
2. Enjoy every part of Thanksgiving! Check! I remained calm and didn't let anxiety ruin my holiday. 
3. Bake something with apples. Check! I made applesauce, recipe here.
4. Go for a walk on the trail by our house. FAIL! Even with the lovely warm weather we have been having, we never made it.
5. Crochet something. Check! I made a new cowl.  I will share pictures soon!

What your goals for December?


  1. I'm going to try and finish up as many goals for the year that I can.