Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Wish List

Happy first day of Summer, everyone!  I honestly don't want to waste one day of summer this year... I want to soak up every minute of it.  I know... I say that about Summer every year and end up letting it slip through my fingers.  I will not let this happen again!  Since I set monthly goals, I thought it would be good to make this a wish list instead (sometimes, making things goals justs adds pressure and I want this to be a carefree list of suggestions).

1. Take lots of bike rides.
2. Eat lots of ice cream (this will reinforce the need for 1).
3. Take road trips, big or small (We already have one planned to Ohio)
4. Beach Days (I live in a state surrounded by water... why do I not go to it more often?).
5. Movie nights outside.
6. S'mores parties.
7. Document all of the above in pictures!

What are your summer wishes/goals?  Do you think I missed anything big that should definitely be part of summer?



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