Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Goals

I almost forgot to make goals for this month.  I really like making little goals... if nothing else, it helps me feel like I have accomplished something!

1. Take more walks.
2. Spend time reading outside.
3. Bring more color into the house. 
4. Make time to art journal at least once a week. 
5. Sew something from a pattern.

In March I wanted to...

1. Finish the quilt that has been in pieces since summer. - Fail. I am going to get this done... I must.  The hard part is finished, and I just need to sit down and get through it. 
2. Make dinner Monday through Thursday. - Check. I made this happen whenever it was possible. 
3. Go to bed earlier (then maybe waking up earlier will be easier). - Ummm... kind of.  I have started waking up earlier, but I am still not going to bed earlier.
4. Paint something. - Check. I will share it soon... It's a cute DIY!
5. Do 30 Days of Lists every day with no falling behind! Check. I will share the last  posts soon.  For some reason I have just neglected to take the photos.... oops!

Not too bad for March.  Here's to hoping I do better in April!! :)  Have you made goals for this month?  



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