Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Closet Look Book - Style 2

I am still conquering my closet (ya know... closet full of clothes, nothing to wear).  I have developed a plan to execute My Closet Look Book since my last post.  I am going to pick one item of clothing from my closet each week and figure out how many different ways I can style it!  Then, to hold myself accountable and keep up with my goal... I will post that look here for you to see, and maybe even inspire you to dig deep into your own wardrobe and see what you can come up with!

This week, I styled a floral print dress from Heritage1981 (F21) that I haven't worn since the end of summer (couldn't figure out what to do with it). 
 Details: 1. Layered a purple button-down underneath, added a belt (F21), and finished with a grandpa sweater (Target) 2. Black pleated skirt (thrifted) under the dress, black cardigan (Sears, old), and pulled it all together with a black bow belt (H&M) 3. Put a big comfy sweater (Target) over it  4. Layered a long gray cardigan (F21) over it 5. Put the pleated skirt (thrifted) over the dress. 

It amazes me what not being under the pressure of getting ready can do.  With just a few simple pieces of clothing, I have 5 new ways to wear this dress that I haven't been wearing.  This process is also helping me to rid my closet of all the clothes that do nothing for me... Yay!

You can see the first style here!


  1. ohhh!! these combinations are AMAZING!! :D

  2. O.m.g number 4 and 5 are amazing! I want that skirt, good job with your combos x