Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For the Love of Books!

I am already behind on my reading goal for 2012, but I'm not worried... Reading always goes in waves for me and I am going to the library tonight to check out a stack of books to rectify the situation! Here is what I have read so far this year.

Who doesn't love a good story about teenage witches with a little love drama mixed in?  I wish there was more of this book and I didn't want it to end. Though the conclusion was well done, I feel like I could have read about Cassie and her trials with her new gifts forever.

Hercule Poirot does it again! I love Agatha Christie... she gets me every time.  I swear, no one writes a mystery like she does!  For once I correctly guessed the ending a few chapters before the reveal!  

I wanted to read this before reading the Paris Wife, since they're both written in Paris during about the same time period. I thought it might be boring, but his life was so interesting that I couldn't put it down... He writes of running into Picaso at the cafe! He did not live an ordinary life and that is what makes this biography such a page turner.

Have you heard of the website goodreads?  I was introduced to it by Amber over at Hoot-N-Annie!  If you are on there, add me as friend... I would love to see what you're reading!  My user name is cdeboever.  If you haven't tried out this site, I highly recommend it. I am totally hooked!



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