Thursday, January 19, 2012

Restyled Thrifts!

Who doesn't love skirts with pockets?  I wish all skirts and dresses came with pockets. It makes everything easier! That's one of the reasons I couldn't pass up these two skirts while thrifting... they just needed a little love!

I also fell in love with the fabric of this skirt, and the fact that it buttoned. The downside was that it was really long... to my ankles long!
I hemmed it to my knees and added some black lace trim. I honestly can't wait to wear it!! (sorry that the top button just wouldn't close on the dress form... worst!).

I know what you're thinking, and you're probably right... this skirt is ugly!  Sometimes I find the ugliest things cute.  
This was another very long skirt, and due to the fact that I am really short (5'1ish), I tend to not wear very long skirts... so I hemmed it to the knee.  I also thought that I would just play up the dorkyness of the skirt and add some crocheted leaves to accent the leaf-themed fabric.  I personally think this skirt is dorktastic!  Also, the fabric is super comfy like an old sweatshirt, and it has an elastic waist that makes being in a skirt all day much more cozy!



  1. CUTE!!! That top skirt is to die for!

  2. wow! that first dress looks amazing after the 'makeover'!!! :))

  3. The first one is super cute and colour is owesome!!

  4. That first skirt look so different after what you did to it. Its a great transformation! I like the contrast of the blue on the second skirt as well.

  5. OH my lawd these are great!! I am always afraid to restyle the skirts i find at the thrift store. I am afraid I won't like it or something. That lace looks great :)