Monday, December 5, 2011


A catch-all bag that will fit everything I could possibly want.... (well close)! 
This lovely, brown corduroy bag will fit my laptop, sketchbook, kindle, wallet, pens, and all of the little personal stuff without busting at the seams.

Details... I made the straps adjustable by adding button holes (I made a bag for a friend, and used snaps... cute, but snaps are the devil). It is lined with pretty floral with lots of pockets inside and closes by magnetic snaps (I love using these snaps. Awesome, and so easy, not like normal snaps)!  Of course it has a nice large exterior pocket that is also lined with the floral fabric... it has little pockets in there too!! I love pockets!  Now, I have a bag that I can throw everything in and not worry about ruining it. I mean I might be a little sad, but I can always make another one:).

 I did attempt to make the bag that was in the HomeEc lesson plan first...  BIG FAIL!!
Yep... that's a seam that just would not close.... I tried everything, and gave up and decided I didn't like how it functioned anyways.  No exterior pockets..... Worst! I love having a place to easily put my keys and phone!  Maybe someday I will attempt to tackle this bag again, but I will most likely just repurpose the fabric. Cute corduroy bows anyone? 



  1. Great bag! I love that it could fit everything and it's in a neutral color!