Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Pretty Gifts

My birthday was wonderful and I am very grateful that I got to spend it with my family!  They surely went above and beyond this year...

and this
I didn't expect to receive so many lovely things from the people that I love.  Just being able to spend the day with my family would have been enough... especially since every year up until this one my father and grandmother were fasting for Ramadan, which meant no family dinner! But not this year! It ended one day before my birthday, and we were able to share an Eid feast togther... with a little extra addition!
A Blizzard CAKE!!! It was amazing! But, I think that on top of the frozen custard I ate for lunch (hey, it was my birthday... don't judge) definitely gave me a sugar hangover yesterday.  I was completely useless. 

Thank you! Thank you everyone for all the kind words, and a big thank you to my husband and family for making this birthday extra special!



  1. Happy birthday!! I've got that diary too. It's great fun. I journal each question too for extra creativity. Dont know if I'll last five whole years though :s