Friday, September 2, 2011

Leather Painted Bracelet-DIY

Part of finishing my 26-before-27 list was sending packages out to friends.  I decided to send bracelets... kinda reminiscent of friendship bracelets :).  I thought I would share how I made some of them!

You will need:
Suede lace
T-shirt paint
Crimp ends with loop (not sure if that is the technical name)
Clasp of your choice
(optional) Clipboard - it helped me keep things flat while I painted.

1. Cut lace to your desired length.  Keep in mind that the clasp will add some length.  
2. Attach your crimp ends.  You may have to widen them slightly to fit the lace.  Make sure to secure them tightly with your pliers. 

3. Attach your clasp of choice.

4. Lay flat (clip under clipboard) and apply your t-shirt paint.  I found that applying it directly from the bottle will give you the smoothest finish.  Make sure to spread it evenly and watch for air bubbles.  Get creative and make fun designs.  

5. Let them dry and you're all done!

Make sure you make lots so you can wear them all stacked together... it's super cute!  Even braid a few... the possibilities are endless!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions... and if you make some, I would love to see them! :)



  1. very cute idea! i might have to do this when i get a chance. thanks for sharing!
    Xo. Mila