Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I got a little distracted!

My book came!!!  I am really excited! I am in love with it so far, and I want to make all of them right now! (can't you tell i'm excited?!?! look at all the exclamation points :) )

I started playing around with this block! It's a little messy, but I'm using different types of scrap yarn.  In this book all the blocks are made to come out the same size, so your blanket/afghan possibilites are endless.  She even gives you color chart!

I did finish one of the DIY's I was talking about in the last post, but due to some lovely rainy weather I do not have pictures yet! They're coming, I promise! Btw, do any of you have issues with command picture hangers?  For some reason they never want to sick in our bedroom?  Suggestions?



  1. oh your block looks awesome! i can't imagine how people make blocks like this - it's magic fo me even with instructions hahaha :D can'twait to see your granny square blanket (or something like that :D)


  2. Can't wait to see more. :) Could the finish of the paint be causing problems? Or it might be dirty with grime? Perhaps gently wipe it down with sugarsoap and try it again?