Tuesday, August 23, 2011


...was spent making my own camera bag.  We are taking a little mini vacation to the west side of the state later this week, and I wanted a more convenient way to take my camera along.  I have drooled over camera bags from here and here, but they're just not in the budget!  With those as an inspiration... I dug through my purse bin and settled on this one...
I bought it a few years ago at an Aldo outlet.  I have always liked traveling with this bag because it has a million pockets. I love pockets... everything needs it's place!  With that in mind, I figured this would be the perfect purse to turn into a camera bag.

Lots of measuring, cutting, sewing and a few adventures with velcro later.... I got this!
It is a completely removable liner.  I cut the foam to fit tight enough that when all the pieces are in place, they wont move around.  Also, this way I can remove it and have just a purse if ever I want to (I am also a little curious to see what other purses this might work in, if any).  

Here is a cell phone pic of it all loaded up and ready to go (minus one camera I need to pick up from my parents).   There is still plenty of room for all the extras :)

How do you carry your camera with you? 


Yes... I used some of my vintage sheet scrap from cutting the quilt blocks to make the liner :)


  1. ohhh!! nice work! i really like the interior's fabric! and the idea of making from an old bag a camera bag!!! genious!:D

  2. thats really awesome! I should have done that too...I got mine camera bag from jototes, but I think I could have just as easily and much more cheaply gone your route...and its super cute to boot too! Nice job!

  3. GREAT job! I love how it turned out.