Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update

Our weekend started on Thursday... We took a mini road trip to the west side of the state to stay at a lovely bed and breakfast (check that off the list!).  It was wonderful. We were right on the harbor, only a short drive away from Lake Michigan and a quick walk from the cutest downtown area in Saugatuck.  We spent our long weekend...
~ Eating ice cream everyday!
~Having pizza for dinner two nights in a row.
~Stopping for antique shops (I found something awesome).
~Laying out in the sun.
~Playing in the water.
~Eating breakfast with a lot of other people (Slightly uncomfortable)
~Staying in the same room that Al Capone once stayed in.
~Not sleeping in so we could make the aforementioned breakfast.
~Taking lots of Instax pics.
~Shopping at the largest farmer's market I've ever seen.
~Celebrating a wonderful little boy's birthday! (he is my birthday neighbor :))
~Going to a pretty little girl's baptism (such a beautiful moment). 
~Doing some much needed yard work.
~Playing with my new macro filters (so cool).

Yes, I have more pictures, but I really want to make a mini-journal before I post anything.  For some reason, once I post pics and talk about trips I never feel like making the mini-journal.... I guess I just feel like I already did it in a way!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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