Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend!

The weather this weekend reminded me of Fall.  I do love sunshine and Spring flowers and being able to wear dresses... but Fall is my favorite!  The crispness in the air... the feeling of cold sheets! Though I still can't believe it went from being in the 80's to being in the 50's.... Thats good ol' Michigan for ya!  Since it was cold and rainy on Saturday we went to the movies.  (which I almost never do... I really don't care for the movies and all it involves). 

We saw
I truly enjoyed the movie for the movie.  I had to remind myself that they can't fit everything in the movie that was in the book.... but watching the characters come to life was amazing! 

Then we came home and still unable to stomach the cold dreary day we did a mini movie marathon of all the Scream movies.  Thomas had only seen the first one and I had never seen the last one.  So, we made a night of it and made it through them all.  Now we have to go see four. 

Sunday was a day for being home... I baked lots of goodies...

I used up the bottom of the Shredded Mini Wheats and made cookies with this recipe

We had a few squishy bananas and I didn't want them to go to waste... So I made banana nut muffins with this recipe. (I did replace the oil it called for with applesauce.. worked like a charm).

Hope the weather was pretty where you are.. and that you had a lovely weekend!!! I really do have a cool DIY coming for you soon!!!



  1. You have such a cute blog! You're right, polka dots do make you smile! I'm definitely a new fan!

    I have some squishy bananas that need to used. Maybe I'll do some muffins!