Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update!

This weekend started on Thursday... I got to catch up with my long lost friend Suz! We went out for dinner and drinks... I truly didn't want the night to end :)
This is an old picture... I didn't have any new ones :)

Friday... Husband finally came home.... Last minute business trips are the worst, and since he missed Valentine's day he came home with a little present.  
I have been on the fence about these for a long time.  I love books... the smell, the feel, the way they look all arranged on a shelf.  About a month ago I downloaded the Kindle app for Android and I read some of the free books (it is a great way to read the classics).  I really liked always having different book options at my finger tips, I never read one book at a time! Well, Husband made the choice for me! He hated me reading full books on my tiny phone screen and he felt the Kindle is lighter than most objects in my purse so I can take it everywhere too!  This will not stop my love affair with books.. I am now reading 3 books in print and one on my Kindle... I just add it to the stack.  

Saturday.... Was a great day for poking around. It was beautiful outside and the snow melted so you could see the grass.  Perfect opportunity to catch up on little things since husband was gone for the week.  We even had a chance to stop at Urban and they were having a Presidents Day sale!  I was able to pick up this cute dress for $13.00... such a steal... can't wait to wear it!

We came home and tried to watch this movie....
and I fell asleep! oops!

Sunday... Started out nice... slept in, went to Mass, out for lunch after, and then it started snowing.  Well it didn't stop till late and now we have this....
10 inches of snow! I love Michigan :)



  1. you got an adorable dress at Urban for an awesome price. I run into a deal every now and then but you really got a great outfit!

    love the snow pic but I bet your ready for some warmer weather about now.

    found you thru Janel's blog..I am a new follower!