Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Busy Sewing Day

Friday I spent almost the whole day in the crafty room and mostly at the sewing machine!  Lets see how I did on my to-do list...

Things  I would like to get done tomorrow:
1) Make throw pillow covers  
2) Finish kitchen curtains
3) Frame vintage wallpaper

These pillows are one of the home ec projects.  I love how they turned out :)
Sorry it's a little blurry... It was late by the time I finished :)

I have so much of this vintage wallpaper!! I have feeling it is going to make little peeks all over the house!

I was also able to organize all the vintage bias tapes and trims I found recently, pick up all the scrap fabric that was laying all over the floor (I use the floor as the garbage until the project is done),  and figured out the vintage sheets I want to use to make curtains in the crafty room.  All in all I think it was a good day :)

Since I did so well with the to-do list... time for another one.
This week I want to:
1. Make curtains for the crafty room
2. Finish the bathroom curtain
3. Paint something
4. Make another project from Home Ec



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