Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sequin Cone Tree DIY!!

I decided to take a cue from my grandma on this one.  When I was little, my grandmother gave my mom this little tree!!
It quickly became one of my favorite christmas decorations! Well since my mom is so nice, she gave it to me to decorate with for me and my husband's first Christmas together!!!  If you haven't noticed, it's a little worn and old... it no longer stands up straight from years of being played with!! So I thought I would make a new one... so this one can be kept safe!!

What you will need:
Foam cone (got mine at the dollar store)

 8mm Silver sequins (or another color works too)!

5mm Multi-color sequins or seed beads to add color (think lights)!

Applique pins or straight pins 3/4"

Now you're ready to start!  Just slide the pin though the hole in the sequins... and I found it easier to start at the top and work your way down.  
It's okay if a little bit of white shows through, as these are the spaces where you can put the mini color sequins!! Put in a movie and get comfy as this will take a little time, but I promise it is worth it!! when you're done it will look something like this! :)

I added a little star bead at the top!! 
I love the way it turned out... it reminds me of the beautiful vintage silver trees!! I can't wait to find a coffee table and make this part of the center piece!!