Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make it a Handmade Holiday!

This year, with a new home and a bigger family I really want to make it a handmade holiday!!  So I thought I would share my ideas with you!! Once or twice a week (maybe more if I feel inspired) I will bring you some super cute ideas for home decor, recipes, gifts, and wardrobe! I am personally really excited about the wardrobe part.  My friend Joi and I love to look within our closets and figure out how we can make something new out of what we already own!! So we are going to share our secrets with you!! (pssst! Joi is an amazing seamstress.. she went to school for the super cool degree of fashion design)!!

So I start today with a really simple ornament idea... I figure better to start little :) Hope you enjoy!

What you need:
~Glass/plastic craft ornament that allows you to remove the top.
~Buttons that will fit through opening

1) Start with your empty clear ornament.
2) Remove the top.
3) Fill with buttons.
4) Tie on a ribbon.
5. Hang it on the tree and you're all done!!

I love these craft ornaments! You can fill them with whatever you want... or add glitter to the outside.. I have a glitter polka dot pattern in mind for my next one:)! Let me know if you try this out, I would love to see!!


  1. Hi Charlie! I arrived to your blog through Create Loves' blog. I liked your blog!

    It's curious this post about Make a Handmade Holiday, because yesterday too I proposed a Handmade Holidays (Nadal Feito A Man in my language) to the readers of my blog ;)

    Just wanted to share that with you, and also that you have a new follower from Spain ;)