Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Placemat DIY

Here is a very very simple way to make a plain placemat into something festive!!  

What you need:
~Plain cotton placemats.
~Scrap felt.
~Embroidery floss.
~Tacky Glue.
~Anything else that will make your vision come to life :)

Once you have your idea in mind, cut it out of felt.... I wanted to make a placemat with a border of old fashioned christmas lights.... But you can do anything!  Christmas trees, snowmen, ornaments, stars, candy canes.

After everything is cut, lay it out and pin it in place.  Then, glue it down using your tacky glue.  You can also sew your felt to the placemat with the embroidery floss if you like.  I was going for quick and easy so I glued!! :)

After you're done gluing or sewing you're all done!! (if you glued, let it dry:))

Hope you enjoy your pretty, festive table!! 

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