Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Friday!

Lately my mood has been really affected by music... So I thought I would share a playlist that makes the worst traffic jams and the grayest days better!

I hope you enjoy!  Were off to a beer tasting tonight... Should be fun!  Have a happy weekend!



  1. I'm sorry it won't load for you.... I know it does require adobe flash player 10. Here is a list of the songs! :)

    Freelance Whales - Hannah
    Vampire Weekend - Holiday
    Regina Spector - Fidelity
    Mates of State - Ha Ha
    Phoenix - Fences
    Sufjan Stevens - Vesuvius
    Sufjan Stevens - I Want to Be Well
    Sleigh Bells - Run the Heart
    Broken Bells - October
    Tilly and the Wall - I Found You
    Tilly and the Wall - Falling Without Knowing
    Mates of State - Help Help

    Thanks for letting me know!!