Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surprise Trip to Chicago for Renegade!

I love birthday surprises even if they're late! (my b-day was 8/30).  If they involve taking an adventure.... even better!!! For a late birthday surprise husband arranged for us to go to Chicago for the day, via the train (I love the train) for Renegade!!  I was so excited it was 6am and I couldn't figure out what to wear.... or bring for the train... but he had most of it ready! 
I wore my new Toms... They were also a birthday gift! (p.s. i heart them so much)
I packed all my needs into my vintage messenger bag (from here).
We spent our 5 hour train ride talking with some lovely people and watching season one of the Big Bang Theory! 

I was so excited I could of pee'd! :)  I am sorry I don't have more pictures I was just so excited and overwhelmed!! Also.... the Nikon is still packed away somewhere! (eeerrr)

But guess what?!?!? I started painting the crafty room today!! I am hoping to be done with it tomorrow! eeep! I can't wait to share pictures with you.. and unpack all mystuff and get back to what I love most!



  1. Yay! I went to Renegade last weekend, too! AND I wore my new TOMS! Do we have great taste or what?

  2. We sure do! They're so comfy!