Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Days - Day 1 - Guilty Pleasures

As I mentioned in the prior post I found this fun idea here!

I am in love with this show... I am going to be sad when this season is over!  I have even started reading the books... I need to know who "A" is lololol!!!!

I can't make it through a hard day without "Happy Tea".... ok...ok... it is really just iced passion tea..... But it makes even the worst of days better!!!! :)

This is what makes mornings worth it! Best coffee ever!


All images via google images!


  1. Hey there!
    Stumbled upon your blog via Home EC... can i just say PLL , soo my guilty pleasure right now!
    Good luck in class!

  2. oooooh I like this 30 day thing, I think I will have to follow you and join along in the fun!